S.O.K SAVE OUR KIDZ is a community base program that identifies issues that affects our youth. This program teaches better DECISION MAKING. S.O.K. is an organization targets those things and provides parents and youth with identifiable solutions. Today’s youth are facing tremendous obstacles; everything from drugs, gangs, and gun violence. Our first line of defense is “Awareness Education and Better Decision Making”. S.O.K. is an organization that provides just that.


GANG INTERVENTION through VALUED EDUCATION informs PARENTS, TEACHERS, and ADMINISTRATORS about what to look for as it relates to gangs, gang culture, and gang violence.


GANG INFORMATION FOR TINY STUDENTS targets our youth at the elementary school level. We know that gang recruitment begins as young as 9yrs old. We provide awareness on a level that this age demographic can understand.


SENIORS AGAINST VIOLENT YOUTH deals with the growing trend of SENIOR CITIZENS being targeted by gang members due to their vulnerability.

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​“As President of the North Carolina Gang Investigator’s Association, I wish to take this opportunity to express my appreciation in your agencies commitment and leadership in the battle against gangs that plague our citizens throughout the State of North Carolina. The NCGIA is an all-volunteer organization and Elliott Hoskins has taken on the challenge of being Vice President of Administration. Elliott Hoskins has definitely taken a leadership role throughout the State of North Carolina in combating gangs at every level.”


Mark Bridgeman, North Carolina Gang Investigator’s Association President​




​“On behalf of the Parkwood Volunteer Fire Department, I would like to express our sincerest thanks to Elliott Hoskins for sharing the Gang Awareness Program with out Fire/EMS Professionals. This information allows our professionals to recognize gang indicators that may adversely affect our operations in emergency service, and understanding the distinctive elements of gang culture”.


Mark Holland, PHD, EMT/P Division Chief/EMS Operations




“On behalf of the Warren County Youth Service Bureau, we would like to thank Elliott Hoskins the recipient of our “SHINING STAR SERVICE AWARD” for your dedication in lighting the path for Gang Awareness Education in our community. As always thank you for inspiring us.


Debbie K. Scott, Youth Service Bureau Director




"The FBI extends its appreciation for your outstanding assistance in a joint investigative effort. Your contributions were immeasurable, and you have the gratitude of the FBI for all you did to help accomplish the objectives of the investigation.You can be proud of the role you played, and I join my associates with whom you worked in congratulating you on a job well done."​


Robert S. Muller, III, FBI Director

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