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LET'S TALK REAL LIFE is a radio show where we discuss real life issues in an open atmosphere within the body of Christ without judgment. We discuss real issues, and help each other figure out the best ways to navigate them.




The direction of "Black America": ​


1) Are we fulfilling the dream?

2) Do we have our own dream?

3) Is the dream attainable for all, or just a selected few?

4) Or are we dream killers?


The Let’s Talk Real Life radio show aired for the first time February 12, 2011. The inaugural show was only thirty minutes long, but as soon as I signed off, the station manager informed me that this show needed to be at least one hour. I discovered that the response of the listening audience to the style and energy of the show had a lot to do with the station wanting more of what was offered that morning. Let’s Talk Real Life has now been on the air for more than three years.

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The vision God gave me as it relates to Let’s Talk Real Life is simple and two-fold. First, God led me to focus on the issues men in the body of Christ have or are concerned with but are reluctant to discuss. I have always maintained that these kinds of conversations are necessary, as they allow for greater transparency among men and what they are dealing with. This transparency also helps to lay a foundation for healthier men—spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, and physically. Healthy men contribute to healthy homes, healthy work environments, healthy churches, and healthy communities.


The second insight God gave me was that our young menare dealing with a lot of issues. Unfortunately, too many of our young men do not see the church as a place of refuge for them, or as a resource to help them with the challenges they face a daily.


This simple agenda has enabled me, as the lead host on the show to deal with the issues faced by people in (and even outside of) the church in an informative manner that does not judge or condemn. Let’s Talk Real Life uses a God-centered approach along with humor and life experiences to each ‘male-focused’ issue aired. Our approach is four-fold: Training & Education, Humor, Experience, and the Bible.


Thanks for listening, E. Hoskins

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