Black on Black Stupidity

In every fairy tale they alway start out with "Once Upon A Time". Is it possible that the plight of Black America could all be "Make Believe"? But yet our lives are being played out on "Facebook", Instagram", "YouTube", and "World Star Hip Hop".

World Star Hip Hop allows us to see ourselves as "Savages", Uncontrollable, Without Compassion, and Inhumane. What more can a parent ask for then to see their child acting like a savage. How do we point a finger at anyone or any system and accuse them of disproportionately incarcerating our children; when these same children will video the beating of there peers as they cheer, and hold a conversation of how bad that person "ass" is being beat, without any concept of stopping this assault?

Yes, we could blame society for setting such poor examples everything from BOXING, NFL, NBA, MMA, PRO WRESTING, and how can we forget HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA, BASKETBALL WIVES, and every other REALITY SHOW.

Has our society become a "Gladiators Arena" where our child are being trained? Or have our children taken it upon themselves to set us back 100 years? White America has coined a phrase "Black On Black Crime", well I have coined another phrase "Black On Black Stupidity"!!

Last but not least, have our children been so program that it's no shutting it down, No off switch, No rebooting, and No delete button? Are we stuck with what we have, and who we have become? Or can we be SAVED? When Will It End?

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