Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, do you remember those lines in a movie. Only one ofthese pictures are real, the one with the flag. The others have been photo shopped.

The horrifying death/execution of Trayvon Martin peaked inside the mentality of the most guarded places of humanity. These places represent a culture of American History that we have tried to hide for centuries; this is a place of Darkness, Guiltiness, and Pure Hatred.

America represents a place where all men are supposed to be created equal, but our equality has been challenged by the actions of a few simple-minded individuals. I realize that we are a melting pot of different shades, but have our differences (meaning our race) become our most feared identifier?

Has Black America become the unspoken hated; are we so despised by certain segments of White America that our children are no longer safe? And if this is our reality could we be on the verge on another civil war?

Is George Zimmerman the devil that so many want to believe he is, or is he just part of American History; a History that has been mired with SHAME and DECEPTION? Should I even dare to have hope in a brighter future? A future that was spoken of by men like Dr. Martin Luther King, where in his DREAM he could see better times, or was Dr. King just preparing us for what we have today? Or should I cling to the Pre-Mecca version of Malcolm X, and see White America as the DECEPTION that has befallen us?

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