Ignorance Still Has a Platform!

Ignorance Still Has a Platform

From Morgan Freemen saying "Race Has Nothing To Do With Financial Lack, to Dr. Ben Carson saying " The Affordable Health Care Act Is As Bad As 911", now to this women in Cheektowaga, NY exploding on a African American male calling him and I quote "A Nasty Nigger" because he started his car an startled her children; "Ignorance Still Has A Platform In America".

Don Lemon a correspondent journalist for CNN, and an African American made the statement during an interview that he's tired of talking about RACE. Is RACE played out, has RACISM been so thoroughly exhausted to the point that Americans have evolved beyond the issue of RACE? To answer my own question, "No" Race hasn’t played out, nor have Americans evolved beyond the issue of Race.

The Tea Party has exploited race for it's own agenda in an attempt to turn back the hands of time. Everyone from billionaires to pop stars have at one time or another allowed how they really feel about African Americans to slip out. And because of this slippage, we have had to endure everything from Fake Apologies to Excuses of Upbringing.

Once these slips occur, we then find these same people in the Black Church seeking repentance and forgiveness, not from God, but from those they have lied to for decades. They can even get some black people to TOE THE LINE on their behalf; to go before us and quote scriptures and seek a form of absolution for them.

So I make this statement "Ignorance Still Has A Platform In America", a warm cubby hole to Breed, Grow and Further It's Agenda!

#elliothoskins #letstalkreallife

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