Is The Small Church Concept Dying?

- Are people attracted to its style?

- Does it promote the participation of young people?

- Maybe it's a lasting concept for some, but will it sustain the church

- Can small churches continue to make payroll with this concept?

- There doesn't seem to be any statistical data that suggest color is an issue

The richness of the small church concept is endearing, but is that enough for sustainability in a generation of fast paced growth? As I sit in this aging small church with young people that are few in number is this a microcosm of all small churches?

Has society rewritten the landscape of the small church? Is just being intimate enough to cultivate growth? Have we become so focused on church growth that we have lost something along the way?

When you look at some of the Mega-Churches and all the drama that has come along with some of them, is this the New Era of Christianity? Is it me, or am I beginning to see a divide between the Mega-Church and Small Churches? Not just in membership size but also in Theology. Are we witnessing a New Age Civil War over the why church will be done? There's a new documentary coming out entitled: Black Church Inc, where it not only takes a look at the Mega-Church but it also provides an indictment of how the Mega-Church does business. Are we getting tired of constant bickering between the concept of Church & Church; what do I mean? Well there has been this New Model of Church and Church Growth, and those that embrace this concept immediately are at odds with the dynamics of the small church.

Are the lives of church members Better or Worse after sitting in church? Are we rich as the Prosperity Doctrine Teaches, are we walking closer to God, or have we only made the lives of a few more comfortable? Make no doubt about it, I believe in Tithing, Church Growth and the Proclamation of the Gospel Jesus Christ.

I don't buy this theory that church is bad for us, or it's perpetrating a scheme to keep us in poverty. I don't think it keeps African American women single, or it's keeping African American men at home. But I do believe we must not be afraid to look at ourselves, or to look at the historical foundation of the black community called the church. I believe we as the church the Institutional Facilities of the Church must do better. We must not be afraid to hold our spiritual leaders accountable, and we must take personal responsibility for our actions and not blame the church for our weaknesses.

I believe God wants us to grow up and take hold of who we are meant to be; the Church, Good, Bad, or Indifferent!

#isthechurchdying #elliothoskins #letstalkreallife

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