Are You Stuck? The Prison In Your Mind

Why are we so satisfied with the box we live in? Has fear captivated us to the point that we dare not take a chance on being more? Life's boundaries are normal, but how about the ones we erect ourselves? The ones that say I'm poor or, I'm suppose to be lazy; or the ones that says I'm black, I'm suppose to be a drug dealer; or how about the ones that say I'm fat,

fashion can never be an obtainable goal for me.

It's not just self-hate that has trapped us in a maze of continued self-loathing; it's also the prison of our mental fortitude. There is no prison greater than the one we put ourselves in because we don't believe that we deserve more. Are our fears greater than our ambitions? Maybe you live in an environment where no one has been an example for you. I can relate to that because the people around me had not obtained the type of success I saw on television, but they where successful in there own right. So the problem that I had wasn't so much about what I saw, but more so about how I felt about myself.

I'm not here because I'm black; I'm not here because I'm fat; I'm not here because I'm uneducated. I'm here because I'm afraid to get out of the box. A prison that hasn't been built by hands, but by my own mind, and how do I fight the prison that has been erected in my mind?

Does anyone know how I feel; have you been here or are you still here? Young black men are fighting and dying; young black girls are using sex as a means to escape the validity of there own lives. The scars you see or don’t see cannot validate my pain, but by the deformity I have afflicted upon myself.

So how do I break from this cell I placed myself in? I must refigure the box, the box can no longer be a prison that holds me but more so a shelter that allows me to reform my thinking. I must begin to see myself not as someone of no value, but someone that is becoming valuable. My sentence in this box is not because someone keeps me here, but because I continue to revoke my own parole.

So now I'm ready to step out of this prison of my mind and into a life that I deserve and should have, because there's more room out here than in the prison of my mind.

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